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sunflowers by van Gogh How rich art is; if one can only remember what one has seen, one is never without food for thought or truly lonely, never alone.    — Vincent to Theo, 1878
The Vincent van Gogh Gallery is the site for van Gogh online. It’s endorsed by the van Gogh Museum (<brag> I’ve been there! </brag>) and features, well, everything: 2200 images and 874 letters, every surviving thing that Vincent ever painted, sketched or wrote. Chronological and subject matter indices, a canonical works gallery, commentary and analysis, biography, an online forum and more, available in thirteen languages on a clean, well designed site. Bravo, Mr Brooks.

small pendant by artist Sandra Marchewaart-o-mat vending machine The Art*o*mat is just plain cool. In 1997, Clark Whittington converted a recently-banned cigarette vending machine to sell his black&white photos for $1 each. Today, his company Artists in Cellophane operates 60 art vending machines in 18 states, featuring the work of over 300 artists from 10 different countries. I note that there are no artomats in Oregon yet; I wonder what it costs to sponsor one?
Way cool update: the artist whose pendant is shown here, Sandra Marchewa, showed up in comments. You can see more of her art here. While I’m updating, it appears there’s now an Art*o*mat in Oregon, at Lane Community College — but still none in Portland…

5 thoughts on “ooh, shiny

  1. Let’s form a consortium and tie up the Art-O-Mat concession for the West Coast. We’d make a bundle!
    (Okay, we’d make costs if we’re lucky, but wouldn’t it be cool?)

  2. we’d make costs if we’re lucky, but wouldn’t it be cool?
    Yes. Yes, it would. I’d be prepared to make a loss (could probably write it off on tax anyway); covering costs would be perfect. My idea would be to keep profits (if there are any) until I get my investment back, then use them to support local artists.
    But I’m always coming up with stuff like this; I never actually do anything at all. If you can make it work, feel free! I could be counted on for a small investment.

  3. hello, I’m Sandra Marchewa. Thank you for having a photo of one of my pendants as an example of the art in art-o-mat vending machines! It’s a really cool project to be involved in. The people at artisits in cellophane are the best! Cool web-site you have here.

  4. Sandra, I’m glad you’re pleased to see your art here. I used the picture because it was my favourite of all the examples shown on the art-o-mat site, and I didn’t ask permission because (a) it was already on the net and (b) if I recall correctly, no contact details were listed for you. I do have a policy of asking first, if there’s any way to do so.
    A quick google search revealed that you now have a web presence, so I’ve updated the post.

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