I was going to turn the page black and just have that flag in the middle, but the General is right. You should also read Glenn (also here), hilzoy (also here), Scott and Bora.
Seriously, read those links: it’s a short list, deliberately so. If you want more, Bora has another good list here. Update: read this too.
I came to this country to be with my wife, and I’d have gone anywhere for that reason alone. But I was actively pleased to be becoming an American, because I’ve always had the sense that (beneath a conspicuous layer of buffoonery) the US had a core of decency, of values that were in accord with my own. This is the country whose constitution is the model and gold standard for democracies everywhere, a country literally born of a war for religious and political freedom. This is my home now. George W Bush, if he is not stopped, will destroy it. I’m going to do what I can to stop him.

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