I don’t want to talk about politics, dammit.

I don’t want to, but I have to, at least a little; the US political situation is intolerable. Here are some photos from today’s World Can’t Wait rally in Portland. The organization was poor and the pre-event publicity worse, but they still got around 1000 people (my estimate; the local idiots claim 400 and the WaPo estimate is 800).
Wherever you live, I hope there was a rally and I hope you were in it.

wcwprotest05.jpg wcwprotest04.jpg
wcwprotest06.jpg wcwprotest07.jpg
wcwprotest08.jpg wcwprotest12.jpg
wcwprotest13.jpg wcwprotest09.jpg
wcwprotest14.jpg wcwprotest10.jpg
wcwprotest11.jpg wcwprotest02.jpg
wcwprotest15.jpg wcwprotest03.jpg
wcwprotest16.jpg wcwprotest17.jpg

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