Why thank you, asshole

— for stifling one of the most original and insightful voices on the internets.

System Offline
After family discussion regarding a commenter’s threat of violence against our dog, Creek Running North has been taken offline.

I hope this will be a temporary hiatus — just long enough for the cops to find you, you worthless Cro-Magnon sack of shit. You maggot. You suppurating carbuncle on the anus of humanity. You cowardly fucking bully.
Chris and family (human and otherwise), be safe.
(h/t: that French-sounding dude)
Update: Chris is back, and in good form. In typical fashion, he’s moved past his own misfortunes and is thinking about community:

This person, whether misguided progressive or malevolent wingnut, sought to build and deepen rifts in the left online world. Mary Beth and Eric Williams and Dwight Meredith over at Wampum run the Koufax Awards, which more than any other single online event builds a remarkable unity and camaraderie across the left-progressive-feminist blog world. […]
There is a tool that would make the Wampum folks’ work on the Koufax Awards much easier this year, and it’s pricy enough that they cannot really afford it without some help. The awards will go on without it, but this tool — a generator to run their off-the-grid tech setup — would make it happen at a lower human cost, and more environmentally sound to boot.
The person who made the threat against Zeke tried to erode our community. You have all responded with truly touching emotional generosity to this threat. Let’s slap that thug’s face, in a non-violent metaphorical sense. Drop a few bucks on Zeke’s behalf to buy the Wampum folks that generator. The threatening asshole brought us all together here: let’s take advantage of that to accomplish the opposite of what he or she had in mind.

Oh, and there’s a message from Zeke:

It matters not how vile their hate,
How lame-anonymous their troll,
I am the master of my plate:
I am the captain of my bowl.

(Update update: I don’t know how Chris fell off my blogroll, but he’s back.)

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