An odd oversight on the part of J Neurosci

For the last few months, the Journal of Neuroscience has been hosting a series of articles on Open Access and the future of scientific/scholarly publishing. Laudably, they are all freely available; inexplicably, you have to search for them one-by-one. The big red “Free Articles on Open Access” link on the front page goes to the editor-in-chief’s editorial introducing the series, but the list of articles is not hyperlinked to the articles themselves.
So here, without further ado, is the list of articles complete with links to the full text:
Sept 6 Why Open Access to Research and Scholarship? John Willinsky
Sept 13 Will Research Sharing Keep Pace with the Internet? Richard K. Johnson
Sept 20 As We May Read. Paul Ginsparg
Sept 27 Reinventing the Biomedical Journal. Richard Smith
Oct 4 Open Access and the Future of the Scientific Research Article. Matthew Cockerill and Vitek Tracz

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