It’s here!

Open Laboratory cover image.jpg What’s here? Why, the first-ever Science Blogging Anthology, of course: 50 posts, plus a couple of bonus entries, chosen from the best of science blogging in 2006. There’s also a preface and introduction by the editor, Bora Zivkovic of A Blog Around The Clock.
I was privileged to help Bora narrow the field from well over 200 posts, and many of my favorites made it into the final 50. As Bora intimates in his introduction, blogs are conversations and so they lose a certain liveliness when embalmed in a blook (blog + book; don’t blame me, I didn’t coin it!) like this. Nonetheless, there is some excellent writing in this thing, it is as perfect an introduction to science blogging as you’re likely to see offline, and it’s a fun read all on its own. True to the open nature of the original medium, you can of course surf over to Bora’s blog and find the anthology entries listed there. No one will mind if you do, but I hope you will also consider buying the blook — which, after all, unlike the internets, you can carry with you on the bus and leave on the break-room table at work (which is what I plan to do with my second copy). It’s priced at cost and any incidental proceeds will go towards next year’s edition.
Bravo, Bora!

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  1. And bravo to you too, Bill. It sounds like it was a heroic effort to get the 218 submissions whittled down to 50 and you deserve a ton of credit along with the rest of the review committee.
    Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow – travel safely!

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