Best. Conference. Ever.

NCSBClogo175.pngI’m back from the inaugural North Carolina Science Blogging Conference (see also here), and it was beyond awesome. I’ve been to rinky-dink Australian Society for Whatever conferences and I’ve been to Cold Spring Harbor Retroviruses (for non-scientist readers: be impressed, ‘k?), and I’ve never been to a better-organized conference, or one I enjoyed more.
I have notes from the various sessions I went to, and will post more later, but I also have an essay due at 3QD so for now I just want to say a huge

Thank You!

to Bora, Anton, Brian and Paul for making the conference happen, and doing such a superb job of it.

3 thoughts on “Best. Conference. Ever.

  1. Bill, it was awesome meeting you in person and I am so glad that you were one of the 150+ people I met yesterday who I actually DID have some time to talk to longer than a couple of minutes! I hope we meet again soon some place else and not necessarily wait for the next year’s conference…

  2. You went? I was so busy for the past few months, that I was planning on attending, but was able to – it sounded like an interesting time. I hope that all is going well – I need to head over to 3QD and read your more recent posts!

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