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TakeBackTN.jpg As prefaced here, this is my post in support of Crablaw’s Take Back The Blog virtual march.
It should go without saying (and virtual-marching) that decent people will not stand for the kind of behaviour that has recently been directed at Kathy Sierra, Deviousdiva, Jill Filipovic, Melissa McEwan and Amanda Marcotte — to name just a handful who got a lot of publicity, for every one of whom there are a hundred or a thousand women whose similar stories never make headlines.
It should go without saying, but it doesn’t, so I’m adding my voice to those who are standing up and saying it today. I want the cowardly degenerates responsible for these disgusting attempts at intimidation to know that they won’t be tolerated any more in cyberspace than they would be in meatspace.
A good place to start reading about all of this might be my custom Google search, which will emphasize results from my blogroll:

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