testing grazr feedwidget

What do people think? Should I add this widget as a sidebar? I like it a lot; the only thing missing is a way to set all the items open as default. Meh, slow to load and fails to update. Might have been something I did but I’m too busy to figure it out right now.
Update: trying again: deleted widget, couldn’t make it work (update). Might have been me but if it’s going to be that much work I’ll just write my own damn parser. How hard can that be? (Yeah yeah, famous last words.)

One thought on “testing grazr feedwidget

  1. hi there, I noticed your comments regarding grazr and was wondering if I could help. We’ve worked hard to make grazr load fast so id be curious what your slow loading experiences were. Also the Grazr feed infrastructure is designed to be nearly real time in terms of feed updates. One problem people have encountered is accidently using the “copy from web” option in our hosting system which is designed for taking static snapshots of feeds. Its a confusing option that should rarely be used so were going to elimate it soon.
    Id love to hear any other feedback you might have.

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