testing feedfeeds widget

Why is this so hard? Argh. This one’s not free but I’ll happily pay for something that works.
[deleted widget, see update]
Hoo boy, that’s ugly. But it seems to work, and the tabs at the top are sorta nice — you can separate feeds by category. (Not sure Simpy plays nice with that — it’s supposed to, but…) Oh, and there’s a minimum width otherwise you get side-scrolling, don’t like that.
Update: fails to refresh/show new content. Wonder if it’s something Simpy is doing? This one’s too damn ugly to bother, but I might test the others with different feeds.

2 thoughts on “testing feedfeeds widget

  1. Thanks, Pedro, I’ll give those a try. I think Feed Digest might be commercial… but hey, I pay for my email (fastmail.fm), I pay for my blog hosting (cornerhost), I don’t mind paying for a sidebar service as long as it’s not too expensive.

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