testing FeedSweep widget

[deleted widget — it was slowing the page load waaayyyy down, not all the time but at least once a day. screw that.]
Hey, this one doesn’t suck. The customization is not great, but the stuff you can’t get to is set up in a way that suits me anyway. Plus, it’s free.

3 thoughts on “testing FeedSweep widget

  1. Senn, are you on a host where you can install whatever you want? And does Simpy throw out regular RSS feeds? If so, take a look at Magpie RSS. It’s a free parser that let’s you format stuff pretty much however you want. It’s the glue holding together my front page at the .org with all of that syndicated content from elsewhere. It’s a little trouble to set up, but I haven’t had to touch it in the two years since I did.

  2. FeedSweep has just been placed on dedicated, new hardware to clear up some of the performance problems. The recent growth has been exponential – over 250K desktops now receive FeedSeeps daily.

  3. Thanks Dale — I might give it another go. I’d sorta resigned myself to roll my own or Magpie, but FeedSweep was actually pretty good, definitely the best of the ones I tried. If the slow load issue is gone I’d probably be happy with it.

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