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This reminded me of the famous psych experiments conducted by Milgram and Zimbardo, about which every thinking person spends some time wondering and which are more on the public mind than ever since Abu Ghraib. For some reason, this time it occurred to me, as it has not previously, that I’d like to hear from the subjects themselves. I found this account of the Milgram experiment by a participant, but nothing else like it. Does anyone know where I could find more such accounts?

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  1. nice find on the testimonial. it raises the question of dividing up the subjects by those who were suspicious it was a fake and those who never figured it out. smartness aside, it seems that if somebody was on to the investigators’ true purpose we have to discount that subject. you might just push the dial to 11 just to see how good the confederate was if you were a smartass and you might refuse if you were a tenderheart that kind of disapproved of the whole thing. in either case, you might try to thwart what you think of as expectations.
    this is always a problem in these studies which depend on the subject being fooled about the true purpose.
    it also bleeds into another truism with all cognitive psych type experiments which is that young/adult subjects think all tests are IQ tests and all older subjects think they are Alzheimer’s tests…. good debriefing of subjects is key, if often overlooked.

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