I’m swamped, but two quick points:
1. I’m not going to try to keep up with reactions to PRISM here, unless I think I have something potentially useful to add. If you want a news stream, read OAN or watch my PRISM tag on Simpy — I’ll grab everything I notice.
2. Peter Murray-Rust is blogging up a storm on publisher policies, copyright and Open Access:

There is a great deal of confusion regarding publisher policies and the rights of readers, scholars, institutions &c. I hope that publishers will agree with me that Peter MR is doing a sterling job of getting these issues out into the open, where they can be clarified — to everyone’s benefit.

2 thoughts on “PRISM and PMR

  1. I don’t have an immense readership on my blog, but I do think this is a fantastically important issue: how do your results get out to other researchers? Will we have a choice in the future about how to publish? Why don’t those believers in the PRISM coalition propose that our e-mails to one another, our forum participations, our coffee breaks also get taxed – a little information might be circulating without anyone paying for it a third time around!
    So, I discussed this in my blog here:
    as did Richard Grant in his here:
    and I’ll be harassing others as much as I can to make them take notice.

  2. Alethea, that’s wonderful. As Peter MR has said in a later blog post, you and Richard may be the beginning of a wave of mass action, which could push through some much needed changes.

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