Andy Michaels is a filthy spammer and I hope he spends eternity as the dingleberry closest to Satan’s festering freckle.

Just got this bullshit trackback (on this totally unrelated entry):

I\’m pleased to announce the introduction of two products, the latest is the Ice Cold New Marketer Seminar Series for internet marketers who are just starting out and looking for solid counseling on tools, resources, and services without all the techni…

from this bullshit blog: (no Googlejuice for you, asshole).
Andy, you’re a disease with opposable thumbs. You’re a plague, a pox, a parasite on all that is good and useful. Other people are making the internet into the greatest library that ever was, a scholarly resource, a tool for science, a home for the arts, a conversation, a force for social change — but you, you’re out there shilling. And you’re not even selling anything real, you’re selling the idea of selling. You mammon-worshipping maggot. You’re sucking down bandwidth and making all sorts of worthwhile endeavours more difficult by the day, just to push yourself into people’s faces and scream “give me money”. You are greed made flesh. You’re the reason we have to have CAPTCHA and Bayesian spam filters and blacklists. Blind unmitigated selfishness like yours is why we can’t have nice things: it’s people like you who piss in fountains and spraypaint inanities on grand buildings and carve their initials into ancient trees.
Andy, you’re a soulless meat puppet with the red right hand of a sick, materialistic culture jammed forearm-deep in your pliant rectum. There just aren’t enough curses in the world for you — there aren’t enough bad things I can hope will happen to you.
Andy, Bill Hicks has some advice for you.

4 thoughts on “Andy Michaels is a filthy spammer and I hope he spends eternity as the dingleberry closest to Satan’s festering freckle.

  1. As long as we’re raging on this subject, I’d note that your beloved Open Access journals are turning out to be the most relentless science-rated spammers out there.
    (Not that I’m blaming you, obviously, or Open Access in general.)

  2. OK, working now.
    @JS: I’ve heard that complaint before, but I’ve never got any OA spam myself. My boss has got some, which he forwards to me. Then again, I don’t seem to get much science-related spam either, which is a bit odd.
    I hope nobody in OA is thinking “we’re the good guys, we can get away with a little spam” — because spam is spam is EVIL!

  3. My name is Andy Michaels, though, I’m not the Andy Michaels your talking about. I did however find this post while googling myself and it completely made my day. I’m glad to no I’m not the most hated person with my name. If you want to see what I think is a good website by a nice Andy Michaels, check out mine

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