Everyone needs a hobby.

Mine, when I have time for it, is photography. I’ll still post some photos, like the mouse below, to this blog; but now I have a separate blog for those images I would (if I weren’t worried about sounding like a complete wanker) call “my art”. The link is at the top of the new column at left, where I’ll manually add thumbnails from that blog. It’s at Expressions.com, because I haven’t the time to make exactly what I want and of all the photoblogging services I tried, only Expressions gave me enough control over the format to make it (nearly) as simple as I wanted.
So. Fwiw, there it is. Hat tip, again, to Andrew and Ralf.

One thought on “Everyone needs a hobby.

  1. Great to see 🙂
    (once I decided to go to your front page, rather than straight to this blog entry via my RSS feed, so I could actually find the “new column at left”. 🙂 )

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