What she said.

With one alteration (viz I have had no differences with Richard Poynder), what Dorothea said goes for me as well. (For more background see Matt at Journalology: 1, 2.)
This is just a for-the-record, public statement that I fully support Richard Poynder’s laudable and transparently conducted investigation of SJI and other publishers whose conduct threatens to bring Open Access into disrepute, and that if any such publishers take their legal bullying further than the bluff and bluster we are currently seeing from SJI, I will do what I can to help Richard fight back.
Update 081006: Peter Suber and Stevan Harnad have issued a joint statement in support of the investigative work of Richard Poynder. I was hesitant to do so when it was just me following Dorothea’s lead, but now I would like to encourage everyone who is familiar with Richard’s work and the SJI story to pick sides and do so publicly. (I have no doubt that every reasonable person will pick Richard’s side!)

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