Open Access Day 2008

It’s OA Day, and all the usual suspects are posting entries in the synchroblogging contest. I’m staying off the web except for 30 minutes or so mornings and evenings (because I desire and intend to finish the Project That Would Not Die by the end of the year), and that really only leaves me time to keep up with my feeds and friends.
So, that’s my excuse for not having a contest entry (well, that and I dislike contests and prizes… a rant for another time). But I can’t let OA Day go unremarked, so check out the official blog and the FriendFeed room. Here is the blog feed (sorry it’s Flash, but I don’t have time to test other widgets — and it is pretty):

(Next year, I’m going to treat OA Day as a national holiday and take the day off work in celebration. Maybe one day everyone will do the same…)

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