You cannot steal this weblog.

You can’t steal it because in every sense that means anything, you already own it. My shiny new Creative Commons Zero license replaces this and this, and places the entire site in the Public Domain.
You can take anything you find here, provided I made it myself and have not included it under someone else’s terms, and do anything you want with it. You can do things I don’t like, you can make money and not give me any, you can attribute the work to me or not, and you can tell me what you’re up to or not, as you choose. You don’t have to ask first.
This site is a free cultural work, dedicated to the commonweal of all persons. It is free as in speech and free as in beer. (Also free as in puppies: don’t blame me if something you find here turns out to be more trouble than it’s worth.) Following Richard Stallman and David Wiley, you are free to:

  • reuse: use the content of this weblog (“the work”) for any purpose
  • revise: alter or transform the work in any way for any purpose
  • remix: combine the original or altered work with other works
  • redistribute: make and distribute copies of the original work, the altered work, or the remixed work

Go for it.

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