Where I live now: Google street view.

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That’s almost looking straight down the driveway, and at the end you can see the manager’s office; we’re two buildings back from that on the right. If the view had been shot from just a few feet to the left, you’d be able to see our parking space (the building is set back a bit too far).
Try turning left (click and drag, or use the arrows at top left) and walking (click the arrows on the street, 13-14 times) up to my local 7-11, on the left at the intersection with Stark St, source of much late night soda pop and chocolate. If you keep walking along 148th Ave, you’ll come to Burnside and the light rail, which is probably how I’ll get to work once I get a job. If you turn left on Stark you’ll pass by the site of the photos in the last few entries. The first photo in “new neighbourhood at night” is the building next to the porn shop, the next is the furniture place, the third is from a bit further down — all on the left; “bird on a wire” was shot in front of the 7-11, looking towards the street. If you go far enough (about 25 blocks) in that direction, you’ll find Fandango — best Mexican food in Portland. If you turn right on Stark instead of left, you have only 14 blocks to Dutch Brothers — best coffee in Portland.
Neat. Almost sorta creepy, but neat.

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  1. I remember having a look at your old place on google street view. It was quite weird, but fun. Particularly when I found it from walking up and down the street while looking at flickr photos of the house across the road…

  2. Hi Bill
    I have been reading some of your thoughts on open access science and and am trying to find a way of getting in touch with you…if that is okay?!? Basically i am part of a new committee formed by the Gobal HIV/AIDS Vaccine Initiative called the Young and Early Career Investigators (YECI). On reading this I can see it all sounds very pretentious, but i hope the idea is not! Anyway, basically our remit is to address the problem that not enough young scientists are coming to or staying in HIV research, and it is these people that probably have the fresh ideas, naivety and drive that is needed if the field of HIV research is to move forward.
    This may sound abit arm wavy, but the global initiative itself is a serious organization that has the backing and the ears of major fiunders such as the NIH, and so our ideas may have some hope of being taken seriously.
    Sorry for this rather long winded explanation. The reason i am contacting you is that one area that has come up in discussion is the that of pushing towards more of a more open access approach to HIV research. I have just read your excellent piece published on 3 quarks and would very like to have a chat to you on these issues, if you had a moment to spare?
    thanks alot and sorry for the imposition!

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