8< If you haven’t been reading Henry Raddick‘s Amazon reviews, you’re in for a treat.
8< Ever wonder what happened to HMS Beagle of Charles-Darwin-goes-to-the-Galapagos fame? Never occurred to me until now, but marine archaeologist Robert Prescott thinks he’s found her under 12 feet of Essex mud. Early indications are that the ship, whoever she is, is pretty much intact; and wouldn’t the Beagle make a superb museum, though? (via
8< (via Boing Boing) In the video of his arrest, Dudley Hiibel seems kind of obnoxious to me, but you can’t (yet) be sent to jail for being an asshole. I think most citizens should cooperate with most cops most of the time, but no law that I know of says they have to. Predictably, I’m on the side of the assholes here.
8< This is a fascinating and deeply unsatisfying story. For about a week, a glitch at’s Canadian site displayed the real names of anonymous reviewers, but no one seems to have really dug into the wealth of information thus revealed. I’m not so interested in writers pushing their own books as in those who claim to be fighting back against unfair anonymous reviewers:

The suspicion that […] the Underground Literary Alliance had anonymously attacked his friend Heidi Julavits prompted the novelist Dave Eggers to write a review last August calling Ms. Julavits’s first novel “one of the best books of the year.”

So why didn’t Eggers, or the writer of the NYT piece I linked, check to see who wrote the attacks? Gah.
8< Eliot points to a Morning News article by Mighty Girl Margaret Berry: ten charities who know the value of ten dollars.
8< Do you know anything about Leonora O’Reilly, Mary Breckinridge, Dorothy Kenyon or Patty Andrews? Neither did I, but keeping up with bean’s series ejumacated me.