Lazy reporter, no donut.

Dennis Carter in an eCampus News article about NPG’s Scitable:

Scitable’s January launch came as elite universities across the United States are embracing open-access formats–making research articles available for free online. This marks an abrupt departure from the traditional model of printing research articles in academic journals, which can cost campuses as much as $20,000 annually, open-access experts say.

So, is it the traditional model that can cost campuses up to $20K/yr, or academic journals, each of which can cost etc?
It’s only obvious that what is meant is $20K/yr per journal subscription if you already know that libraries spend millions of dollars per year on serials.
I’d expect a publication that wants you to register to read its content1 to bother making that content accurate and unambiguous.
1 Sure, registration is free. Registration also provides the publisher with a great bolus of immensely valuable marketing information, to say nothing of the slimy opt-out spam opportunity. Which is why I recommend poisoning such databases with fake information providing minimal information unless you get content that you really value from the site. (Two wrongs etc, hence the edit.)

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