word cloud CVs for dummies

Pierre and Pawel both did amazing things with word clouds for their CVs, using all kinds of black magic programming skills that I don’t have. Just for fun, I thought I’d see what the version looked like that any doofus could create. I made a list of all the jobs I’ve had, then listed all the methods I used in each job — making sure to call the same method by the same name each time it came up, so as to provide a basic weighting for the elements in the word cloud.
Here’s what Wordle made of the resulting list:


It’s not horrible, though I can already see things I forgot to put in, and I do wish Wordle would keep phrases together1. I guess you could also try doing this with the texts of your published papers, or just the abstracts, or just the Materials and Methods.

1Update: thanks to Piotr, who left me a comment pointing out that Wordle can indeed keep phrases together, here’s an alternative version; now that I see it with phrases intact I’m not sure which is better:

(Wordle settings for both versions: language: remove numbers, leave as spelled, remove common English words; font: Telephoto, layout: straighter edges, horizontal; color: Wordly, a little variance.)

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