Congratulations to Harvard.

Harvard has been fortunate enough to secure the services of Peter Suber, who has been appointed a Berkman Fellow.
I cannot say it better so I will simply quote Stevan Harnad’s comments accompanying the announcement:

A brilliant choice, and eminently well-deserved. Peter — whose historic contributions to the growth of OA have been spectacularly successful — will continue his invaluable OA work, but this Fellowship will also make it possible for him to begin writing the books on OA and related matters that are welling up in him, and that the world scholarly and scientific research community (as well as the historians of knowledge) are eagerly waiting to read, digest and learn from for years to come.
It is so gratifying to see true merit being rewarded occasionally, as it ought to be (although my guess is that this is just the beginning of the honors to be accorded to this selfless and sapient transformer of Gutenberg scholarship into PostGutenberg scholarship).

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