Oprah and anti-vaccine propaganda

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be aware of the latest round of anti-vaccine inanity, but unless you’ve taken some time to look into it you might not be aware of quite how stupid, and how dangerous, the anti-vaccine “crusade” really is.
In either case, do yourself and everyone else a favor and go read Shirley’s open letter to Oprah.

@Oprah, don’t watch show but nice Duke speech. take own advice and make difficult decision to pull support from mccarthy, save lives. kthxbi

It’s a quick read, but contains all the facts you’d want at your fingertips and pointers to plenty more. It’s also warm and calm and human, and strikes me as being far more likely to actually get Oprah to reconsider her stance than some of the angrier and/or more science-focused commentary out there.
So go read it, blog about it, retweet it. See if we can get Oprah’s attention.

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