Better than nothing? A bookmarklet for The Open Lab

A while back, I mentioned that the Open Lab could really use a bookmarklet to make submission easier and faster.
Since for once the LazyWeb did not provide, I’ve had a crack at it. I’ve got a simple version working (though I haven’t tested it anywhere but FireFox3); all it does is pop up a conveniently-sized window showing the submission form:


If you drag that to your toolbar, you can at least hit the bookmarklet while you’re on the page you want to submit, and simply move the popup around in order to copy over the information. I find it a lot more convenient than having to open the submission form in a separate window and go back and forth.
What would really make this useful is if it would auto-fill in the submitter’s name, address and website and pull in the title and url of the post being submitted. I’m trying to add that functionality, but I’m a complete javascript n00b and so far cannot get it to work, no matter what existing bookmarklets I try to use as a model. So I hope it’s useful to someone as-is — and if you know your way around javascript feel free to upgrade it! — but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the improved version.

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