with love from Portland, OR

I wish I’d thought of this:

Today a coworker of mine had a thought to send flowers to a random couple waiting in line at SF city hall.
He called a florist and they agreed to do it. He told them to deliver to any couple — it didn’t matter who — standing in line to get married, with his blessing. The card will read simply “With love, from Minneapolis, Minnesota.”

Instead, I read about it on Boing Boing, opened up my email client to write to the spousal unit and say “let’s do this!”, only to find that she’d already done it. Aw. *snif* I’m all teary again.
In case anyone else is thinking of doing this, it might be a good idea to spread the love among the local florists, too:
Flowers By The Bay (a Rainbow Pride business; start here, but they might be overwhelmed pretty soon)
Delicate Daisy House of Flowers
Amy Kee Floral Design
Directories of local florists: Yellow Pages, Yahoo! , Online Flowers Network, Locate-a-flower-shop.com, Florist Locators. Go on, you know you wanna.
Update: if your funds are limited, perhaps you’d like to have more lasting impact. Powazek is selling a poster (“Justly Married”, heh) and donating the funds to Don’t Amend, who sell neat stuff themselves (and accept donations, of course). The ACLU is also fighting the Federal Marriage Amendment.
Update the second (thanks again to Boing Boing): if you want to chip in but can’t afford a bouquet on your own, Darren is collecting PayPal donations for bulk buys. At the time of writing he’s up to nearly $1000.