scissors icon Language Hat points to “one of the most charming articles I’ve read in a while”, If You Build a Restaurant, He Will Not Come in the New York Times. I agree; go read it. (Unlike LH, I haven’t gone to any trouble about the link. Get yer own fake member account.) Use one of these. (thanks to randomWalks for the link)
scissors icon Scott J Bloch is a worthless maggot. (another registration required)
scissors iconfractal flowers, a video feedback image by Tom Holroyd (via jwz) The Ultimate Video Feedback Page. Humans make art from the strangest things. Tom Holroyd’s explanation and gallery are a good starting point if, like me, you can’t read Danish.

scissors iconwaterwheels.jpg (via Dave Barry) St. Petersburg inventor Tim Englert has created Water Wheels, a bicycle-mounted pump-operated squirt gun capable of directing two independent jets of water up to fifty feet. He predicts that “Water Wheels will do for bikes, squirt guns and extreme sports what Peter Fonda and the film Easy Rider did for Harley Davidson and motorcycles.” After sinking twelve years and $300K into it and quitting his job to market it full-time, he’d better hope so. (photo credit: James Borchuck, St Petersburg Times)
scissors icon (also from Dave Barry) Noon, Feb 23. Yeeeeeee-haaaaa! Update: Booooooooom!
scissors icon Sisyphus Shrugged reminds me that we are all Tommy Chong now, and TalkLeft reports that the gummint has spent $12 million bringing that desperate drug fiend to justice. (The 65-year-old father of five plead guilty to a bullshit charge related to his son’s business, Chong’s Bongs, to shield his family from prosecution; he got nine months in jail, a $20K fine and $100K in forfeited assets.)