Please consider.

After seven years (for at least three of which I’ve been a fan), Jörg Colberg is asking for help covering the costs of his photography blog, Conscientious.
I don’t have time these days to follow photo blogs the way I follow, say, issues in scholarly publishing, but of all the photo blogs I used to read, Conscientious is the only one still on my regular reading list. I like the way Jörg thinks and talks about photography, and he consistently points me to outstanding images and the artists who make them. When he talks about not only maintaining but expanding the blog, I’m curious to know what he has in mind.
So I’ve sent him the price of a couple of beers, which is about all I can free up these days, and I’d like to invite my readers to do the same, if they have the means. And whether or not you can spare a little cash, if you’re at all interested in photography do check out Conscientious.

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