Amid speculation that Chicago might follow San Francisco’s lead, Sandoval County in New Mexico steps up. I read a comment somewhere to the effect that New York admits no legal impediments to the marriage of true minds either.
Obtaining a Marriage License in Multnomah County doesn’t appear to be regulated according to sex. I can’t seem to find a County Clerk, but the director of the Department of Business & Community Services, which issues marriage licences, is Cecilia Johnson (503-988-5880; cecilia.johnson@co.multnomah.or.us) and the Marriage License Section phone number is 503-988-3027. Hmm.
Update: I called the MLS number and got Ms Johnson’s answering machine. Stay tuned for further developments.
Update the second: spousal unit writes to tell me that b!X is covering it. Four ballot initiatives have been filed that seek to prevent Oregon from recognising same-sex marriages performed in other states, all by the same three contemptible scumbags. B!X has the details.