no’ bad for a cameraphone

From my flash new company phone:



The top image is from my commute to work in the morning, at Beaverton Transit Center where I missed my connection by (quite literally) seconds and had to wait half an hour for the next bus. The bottom image is from my commute home in the evening, at SW 9th and Yamhill where I had ten minutes to wait for my train. I took a neat little video too, soundtrack courtesy of a busker with a violin, but it’s too big for snapfish and my phone is locked-in to Microsoft-related email services so I haven’t figured out how to upload it yet.

2 thoughts on “no’ bad for a cameraphone

  1. It’s the Sony Ericsson Z750a:,2817,2286767,00.asp
    Way more phone than I’d have bought myself. After a couple months’ use I have nothing bad to say about it, other than that it’s a little heavy — I want to get one of those little yuppie-wanker-belt-doohickeys to carry it in so as not to have it clanking about in my pocket.
    The camera is 2MP, a little soft just like all digital pics (I didn’t sharpen the second pic, as it happens, so you can see the difference with and without unsharp mask). It’s got decent contrast and a “night mode” that handles low light very nicely. Roughly 35mm, fixed focus (at hyperfocal point I assume) and a slightly odd aspect ratio. It will also take little quicktime movies with a workable zoom (but no zoom for stills).

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