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I remember reading somewhere about a school of philosophical thought which holds that there can be no art without the resistance of the medium — that the art is in the difficulty the artist overcomes when trying to make the medium express his or her message.
I don’t know that I buy the idea, but I do notice that my cell phone camera doesn’t have a very broad color or contrast palette, so it tends to blow out highlights and lose shadow detail — and that I’m starting to recognize opportunities to exploit those weaknesses:


I’m not sure I like being trained to a particular visual style like that, though. I picked up a camera in the first place in order to see differently, and I’ve been very pleased with the change in my world that this practice has rendered. I don’t think I want to put blinders on it.

3 thoughts on “no art without

  1. You’re seeing differently with it though — like someone with worse vision, not better. Wonderful contrast to your other camera, no?
    I really enjoy the photos you take, i.e. the photos you share. I hope you don’t stop shooting. Do you have an alternative that you can always have with you?
    How are things?

  2. Hey Ralf. I owe you about a million emails. I liked the Brazil trip-blog thingy.
    I can carry my regular camera — I just have to put up with my backpack being a bit bulkier. I’m such a baby that I’ve taken to leaving the camera home these last few months, but I think I’ll start carrying it again.

  3. Meh, I’m sure I owe you emails too. Probably be much easier and more fun to have a skype chat sometime soon…

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