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Boo, hiss! Scratch Sandoval County thanks to New Mexico’s backwards asshole Attorney General:

The Sandoval County clerk’s office granted licenses to 26 same-sex couples before New Mexico attorney general Patricia Madrid issued a late afternoon opinion saying the licenses were “invalid under state law.”
The clerk’s office stopped issuing licenses and told newly wed couples their licenses were invalid.

Full story here, thanks to PDP at Alas, a blog for the link.
That’s not how Atrios reads the New Mexico law, by the way. Atrios also provides a reference for that New York opinion I mentioned: Lawrence C Moss, a Manhattan lawyer and chairman of the Reform Caucus of the New York State Democratic Committee in the NY Daily News.
In local news: I didn’t know that Kip’s Short Pier is in Portland OR; he sent mail to mayor Vera Katz and got a spineless cop-out (that’s my opinion there, Kip is more gracious) in reply.
Digital prozac: the original LJ thread is full of responses from people who sent flowers, people who received flowers, and more. For the record, the name of the guy whose idea started it all is Greg Scanlan; let history remember him with favour. Speaking of names and history books, someone in the thread commented that Gavin Newsom is getting hate mail, so you might want to send him a note of thanks (I just did).
Speaking further of history books, I don’t think it diminishes Mayor Newsom’s achievement to point out that he is standing on the shoulders not of giants but of hundreds of unsung heroes in the long struggle for glbt rights. Pericat provided a link a while ago on the backstory of Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, which I meant to feature at the time but forgot. I lack the background to do it, but now would be a good time for someone to write a short summary, aimed at the general public, of the history of “the other civil rights movement”.
P.S. the new category is about folk, not just glbt issues!

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  1. For anyone interested in gay rights history, I recomment “Out For Good” by Dudley Clendinen.
    (Senn, your font size spec for forms is 7pt. Can you increase that? To small or even x-small? I cannot read what I am typing right now.)

  2. Pericat, nothing in my setup is specified in points; it’s all “small” or “x-small”, as far as I can see. Then again, I might as well try to read Martian as make sense of stylesheets. I’ll get my design team (read: wife!) to have a look.

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