go! go now!

From billmon via Kip: spend Shifty George’s ill-gotten campaign funds for him with this astroturf tool from georgewbush.com. You type in your zip code and up comes a list of local newspapers, helpfully grouped by circulation and proximity; check the ones you want to write to, cut and paste some predigested GOP propaganda write your own message into the form, and with a single click your letter is on its way to dozens of editors.
Do this. Do it now, do it tomorrow, do it as often as you can think of something to say about the state of the nation.
[P.S. billmon warns that the tool sets a cookie so you might want to nuke that little fucker after each session.]

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  1. Er…right now, your link just leads back to your own site. Actually, now that I check the source, it looks like you just forgot to paste the link. It’s an empty href.

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