get angry

Reason #1: Blake at American Footprint points to several news stories about the Bureau of Land Management‘s decision to sell 40000 acres of buffer zone around Dinosaur National Monument — to oil and gas interests. Earthjustice has maps. I have a sick feeling.

Reason #2: DocBug has the good oil on HR-3261:

[this bill] would allow database maintainers to sue anyone who copies facts from their database for a competing product. Even if those facts aren’t protectable under copyright. Even if they were produced by someone else. Even if the database itself was produced by someone else and is only being maintained by the plaintiff.

It’s a landgrab by a bunch of scumbags like Elsevier; Doc points out the sorts of things they want to do with it and provides a bunch of references, including action alerts from the American Library Association and the EFF.