where’s my damn pictures?

Coming! I plan to upload thumbnails and medium sized files this evening.
What’s this all about? Spousal unit and I took half of yesterday off work and pestered couples for pictures as they lined up to get marriage licenses as per the last entry. We did this because pictures are important: they put a human face on the issue, and seem to be making a positive difference to public attitudes. If I took your picture yesterday, it will be here sometime tonight, and you can email me for a high-res copy any time. (We also made a couple of coffee runs, and with a little luck the spousal unit’s phone calls will have resulted in a more organised coffee service for the crowd today.)
In the meantime, worldwide pablo is collecting links to blogs with pictures of Portland’s gay marriages. So far blue hole and strangechord/smugmug have stepped up, and the former also links to picture posts by zoe trope. Elsewhere, lizbet has rounded up local reaction and other news, and b!X has more good coverage.
Finally, I want to apologise to Portland mayor Vera Katz for my earlier comment in light of her eloquent statement on gay marriage.
Update: spousal unit reports that D-Dish is indeed providing coffee and pastries, and links to more pics.

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