scissors icon Photojournalist Shannon Higgins offers a tour of Kamagasaki, the largest slum in Japan. Don’t miss the rest of her site, either. (I think I found this on Metafilter.)

scissors icon (via nearly everyone by now) Elena likes to ride her bike through the Chernobyl dead zone, and she has a photo log of sorts. This sort of thing is what the web is for. (Mirror site here.)

scissors icon (via Eliot) The Activists’ Center for Training in Organizing and Networking has loads of good information. Check out their Corporate Accountability Project‘s in-depth information on consuming less, corporations to boycott, corporate welfare and more.

scissors icon (from Graham) Best. Ask Metafilter Thread. Ever. Will sirmissalot eat the crab that he left out of the ‘fridge overnight? If he does, will he die? Can we watch on webcam, and dude can I have your CDs if you croak? Call me sick, but I laughed my way through this thread like a hyaena.

scissors icon Planet Party. Starting in just a few days, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter will all be visible to the naked eye, an opportunity for sensawunda that won’t come our way again until 2036. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Mercury, now that I stop to think about it. I’ve seen all the others, but never together.