begrudging bastards

Martha.jpgSo I see Martha Stewart was convicted of being rich while female and being in the wrong place at the wrong time when a slack-pizzled pack of political opportunists decided they needed to grab some headlines. Oh, and also of being kind of a bitch. Well, here’s some news for you gleeful assholes filling up on Schadenfreude right now: the appeals court is likely to notice that the real charge was thrown out and the remaining ones were a desperate grab at a conviction, any conviction, in a case over fifty thousand dollars and some arrogance. Here’s more for that worthless shitsack juror who just couldn’t wait for his fifteen minutes: this is not a victory for the little guy, you maggot, it’s a scripted take-down for the cameras and you bent right over for the system.
Go ahead, tell me how Martha deserves to do time while this prick hasn’t even been charged. Bah. I thought I’d left the Tall Poppy Syndrome behind. (publicity shot swiped from wikipedia article)

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  1. I recently did some math. Martha Stewart being prosecuted over a $50,000 gain is like me being prosecuted over a $3 gain. My wife, who claimed Stewart’s conviction was “a dark day for arts and crafts”, rightly points out that she still did something wrong, but we both agree that there are far bigger fish to fry than a home ec matron, you know?
    And that photo you posted makes Martha look like Ellen Barkin. Who would have thought it possible?

  2. Yeah, she did something wrong and she should have just copped to it, paid a fine and shrugged it off. That’s what I meant by “… and some arrogance”. But I guess if she were the type to go meekly she wouldn’t be where she is. What chafes my scrote most is the extraordinary lengths to which the prosecutors went, which, like the possible sentences being touted at the moment, are out of all proportion to the actual wrong committed. It smacks of an unhealthy mix of misogyny, tall poppy syndrome and political pointscoring.
    As for the photo — I always did think Martha was kinda hot.

  3. We agree on so many things.
    Especially this: “this is not a victory for the little guy, you maggot, it’s a scripted take-down for the cameras and you bent right over for the system.”
    Well put, that.

  4. Banking While Polish.
    She scammed but who suffered?
    The people of California got ripped for billions.
    The guys that did that still play golf whenever they want.
    Over 500 American kids have died in Iraq, thousands of Iraqis, the investigation into 9/11 is blocked, and the guys that did all that still run the country.
    Say, you don’t suppose…

  5. I understand the biggest fear of the prosecutors and other “tall-poppy” harvesters involved, was that, even without a conviction, she was a Martha.

  6. Separated at birth, Martha Stewart and Ellen Barkin. I can’t tell the difference.
    Ellen should play her in movie.

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