scissors icon This is just a great post. Go read it.

scissors icon Rebecca points. I drool.

scissors icon Like Terence, I would not have believed this if I hadn’t seen it: men’s room urinals shaped like a woman’s mouth, complete with lipstick. Designed by creepy sad little bastards with serious issues. I would buy a drink, pour it out and find a quiet corner to piss in the container before I would use those things.

scissors iconVia Metafilter: Crop circles, lots of them. These things have become an art form in their own right, and I’m duly impressed by the beauty and complexity of many of the images.

scissors icon Via amphiskios: Computer programs on (vinyl) records. Most were written for the Sinclair Spectrum home computer series, and there’s even an emulator available so you can still run them.

scissors icon Via Pharyngula: The Annals of Improbable Research has a blog. Read about control meat loaf and Troy Hurtubise’s robocop-inspired bearproof suit.

scissors icon Via the increasingly indispensable Graham, this is a nice little gallery of photographs. Explanation (and a contest to win a print, if you’re into that sort of thing) here.

scissors icon Depending on genes, epigenetics, lifestyle and luck, this is at the most a six-times-a-lifetime opportunity: this May, brood X will emerge across more than a dozen mid-western and eastern States (map). Periodical cicadas (Magicicada spp) are fascinating critters (link, link with sound samples and further links). This is the big one, the Great Eastern Brood which can reach densities of 1.5 million cicadas per acre. I’d love to take a road trip to see (and record) this.

scissors icon Subway systems of the world presented on the same scale; nineteen major cities shown as I write this. (via just about everyone, but too good not to post)