high class hooker cho

publicity shot of Margaret Cho You know I love me some Margaret Cho, right? Well, now she and “explorer, genius, conquerer, artist, muse, refugee, eternal beauty, sexual scientist” Ava Stander are selling clothes:

We are not a plus-sized clothing line. Nor do we make clothes for the super skinny. Right now, our styles fit sizes 10 – 18, which encompasses the majority of women. In success, we will add sizes. In the mean time, we would like to point the spotlight back in to the faces of the mainstream media that is creating impossible standards of thinness for women. These unrealistic yardsticks seemed to appear at the same time women were gaining unprecedented power in the work place; as if it was known that women consumed with dieting and glamour would be less likely to take jobs away from men. Very quickly women previously not considered overweight were considered fat and the ideal woman went from Marilyn Monroe to Twiggy and Kate Moss. We would like to move the weight standards for women up a bit and bring back the styles of the 1940’s that loved women and their curves instead of hiding and distorting them; back to the time when sexy was Lana Turner, Anita Eckberg, and Mae West, and Miss America weighed 150 pounds.

(via Kip)